The "My Liner Buddy"

A simple, ergonomic, innovative, and useful one-piece, no assembly required, prosthetic locking liner dryer hook that allows a cleaned prosthetic locking liner to be dried in the proper position without damaging the gel or silicone inside the liner.  Many amputees clean a prosthetic locking liner and let the liner “air-dry” in the “inside-out” position.  This causes the gel or silicone inside the liner to crack and deteriorate affecting a void on manufactures warranty.  By using the prosthetic locking liner drying hook, the liner properly ventilates and dries properly in the correct position.  This is the # 1 recommended way to help dry a locking liner.

Currently available on the market are either long bulky prosthetic liner drying stands that take up a lot of surface area where the prosthetic liner sits-on and dries, thus making a wet mess on the surface where it is standing on, or multi-piece complex units with only a shower curtain hook or just ones with a little hanging attachment.  One can either hang the "My Liner Buddy" prosthetic locking liner dryer hook on a shower curtain rod hook located on the anterior side of the hook or onto an integrated clasp construction for a shower door (up to 10mm thick shower door) on the posterior side of the hook.  One can also hang the "My Liner Buddy" prosthetic locking liner hook from any surface edge as well.

Once, the prosthetic locking liner has been cleaned, just squeeze the plastic grips on the prosthetic locking liner hook and insert the prosthetic liner pin, that is attached to a prosthetic locking liner to hold in, and release, creating tension.  The prosthetic locking liner will stay in position and is ready to be hung up and let dry.  This will help with the longevity and life of the prosthetic liner and help air out, ventilate, and dry the prosthetic locking liner.

 Specially designed and engineered to fit all types of prosthetic locking liner pins.